This section provides a database of projects that the Fund has been involved in financing activities. The database is an innovative way of providing online information important in social economic impact measurement, enchmarking, stakeholder access and farmer/client education.

ProjectProject descriptionCounty/placeImagesStatus
ICPP project (Integrated Coffee Productivity Project) The Integrated Coffee Productivity Project (ICPP) is a unique and innovative approach of enhancing coffee productivity in both traditional and non-traditional coffee growing areas in Kenya. To achieve this, the project will promote coffee production in a more wholistic way. This is a departure from the conventional approach of focusing on coffee in isolation from other crops or competing enterprises. The project seeks to promote the production of coffee while at the same time creating linkages with other enterprises. The overall goal is not only to increase acreage under coffee but increase productivity per bush through an integrated coffee production system. The strategy aims to unlock the potential of non-traditional coffee growing areas by offering a viable alternative source of income for farmers while ensuring key economic activities continue to thrive.Nandi countySeedlings distributed
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