TermType of LoanPurposeDurationInterest Rate
MEDIUM   TERM  LOANCane Maintenance Loanl  For farmers and producer institutions in need of maintenance of their first (1) or second (2) ratoon;

l  Finances the purchase of fertilizers, plowing and weeding, and;

l  procurement of Agrochemicals

18 Months5%, reducing balance
Factory Rehabilitation Loanl  To facilitate Sugar factories to rehabilitate Factory-related machinery leading to expansion and higher levels of efficiency;

l  Refurbish equipment and ;

l  Procure spare parts for the factory

24 Months5%, reducing balance
Cane   Establishment LoanFor farmers and institutions who would want to establish   cane farm(s), including:

l  Land Preparation;

l  Weed control;

l  Purchase of Fertilizer;

l  Procurement of seed cane.

24 Months4% (if an institution is lending to a farmer),

5% (If the institution is utilizing it for Cane Development Purposes)

LONG   TERM  LOANSMachinery and Equipment LoanTo facilitate borrowers acquire machinery, vehicles and factory equipment.60 months5%, reducing balance
Value addition LoanAgro–Processing Loan facility for borrowers who are engaged in processing or value addition to agricultural products through processing before selling60 Months10%, reducing balance
Infrastructure LoanTo assist producers in undertaking critical construction works.60 months10%, reducing balance
Water Development/

Irrigation Loans

To support borrowers’ access to water on the farm/premises, including installation of the irrigation system.60 months10%, reducing balance