The Commodities Fund informs the applicants and general public that the shortlisting process for the vacancies advertised on May 19th, 2020 (deadline: 19th June, 2020) has been finalized.

The successful applicants have been or are being contacted directly to be informed of the interview dates, mode and schedule.

If you had applied for any of the advertised positions, and you haven’t heard from us or you would not have heard from us by 5.00pm on Monday (August 17th, 2020), consider your application as unsuccessful.

I sincerely thank all applicants who had shown confidence to join the Fund through their applications.

As for the interviewees, I wish you success in the process ahead.

(Remember to follow Government’s health guidelines to protect yourself and others from the spread of Corona Virus: Sanitize, social distance, wear mask, eat health, exercise. If you feel like you are developing symptoms associated with covid-19, get immediate medical attention.)

Managing Trustee,
Commodities Fund.