The Management

//The Management
The Management 2023-02-10T13:57:46+00:00

The Fund management team is headed by the Managing Trustee, who is supported by the following departments/ unit:

1. Credit
2. Finance
3. Legal
4. HR and Admin
5. ICT
6. Corporate Communications
7. Supply Chain
8. Internal Audit
9. Strategy and Planning
10. Debt Recovery unit

Management team:

Simply Easy Learning 
Silas Nyaga
Finance Manager
Simply Easy Learning Roseline Wambura
Credit Manager
Simply Easy Learning Nesline Okiko
Legal Manager
Simply Easy Learning Kibichii Tomno
Head of Supply Chain
Simply Easy Learning 
Rose ndiritu
Head of HR and Admin
Simply Easy Learning James Singa
Head of Corporate Communications

The Fund is currently devolving its service points by opening regional offices. Currently, apart from the Nairobi Head office, the ComFund has established the following regional offices:
• Embu Regional Office – KFA building, First floor, P.O. Box 2526 – 60100 Embu
• Meru Regional Office – NCPB compound, P.O. Box 879 – 60200 Meru
• Nyeri Regional Office – NDCU Building, P.O. Box 500 – 10100 Nyeri
• Nakuru Regional Office – PPCK building, Nakuru
• Eldoret Regional Office – Zion Mall, P.O. Box 10855 Eldoret
• Kericho regional Office – AFC building, P.O. Box 902 Kericho
• Kisumu Regional Office – KPA Inland Port, Kisumu P.O. Box 514 – 40100 Kisumu