The mandate of the Fund is to provide sustainable and affordable credit and advances to agricultural sector for:

  • Farm improvement;
  • Farm inputs;
  • Farming operations;
  • Agricultural Infrastructure development
  • Support for agricultural value addition initiatives
  • Price stabilization;
  • Facilitating capacity building related to credit absorption; and
  • Any other lawful purpose approved by the Cabinet Secretary.

Core Functions

  • We develop loan products for scheduled agricultural commodities as per Commodities Fund’s credit policy, crops Act, 2013, AFFA Act, 2013 and carious crops regulations.
  • We advance credit facilities to the Agriculture sector in Kenya
  • We collect repayments arising from disbursed credit facilities
  • We facilitate capacity building related to agricultural credit facilities
  • We enhance agricultural sector infrastructure development through financing
  • Through financing, we promote and encourage the use of environmentally friendly agricultural technologies
  • We facilitate the flow of research findings to interested parties;
  • We collect, collate and analyze credit database in the targeted scheduled commodities sector
  • We promote the efficiency and development of agricultural sector through the establishment of appropriate institutional linkages and partnerships; and
  • We establish and maintain a price stabilization system
  • We perform such other functions as may, from time to time be assigned by the Cabinet Secretary